Our Story

We love technology, always have.  We are a company focused on adding value and bringing the best most reliable, functional and affordable product  to our customers.  

We’re not new to this business.  We actually started assembling, testing and documenting our own brand of computers in 1987 under the name ICS Computers in Upstate New York.  At that time the computer industry was facing a similar situation as to what the smartwatch industry faces today.  You could buy an IBM computer for $6k or a compatible computer assembled in who knows where for $1k.   Also just like today, buying a compatible product was a hit or miss endeavor with a lot of really badly manufactured components and shoddy construction.  With ICS we changed that, bringing a quality affordable alternative to the market.

Back in 1987 we recognized the opportunity to step in, find and test the very best components and then to assemble a reliable, feature rich computer system that everyday people and small businesses could afford.  We were a successful small business and in 1993 we sold our company and moved back to our home city of Boulder CO.

Between 1993 and 2005 we’ve run several businesses, raised children and worked under the boot-heel of oppression (corporate job).  In 2004 we started Web Hits LLC, a company focused on selling products through affiliate programs.  In 2008 we started a DBA as BOCO Web Solutions and have been helping businesses get online and make money online ever since.

Today we recognize the same opportunity in the smartwatch space as we saw all those years ago in the computer space.  We’re sort of back to the beginning.  So, we are once again all about thorough testing, documentation, enhancement and delivery of the best products in the smartwatch space that we can find.

Welcome to Metis Alpha and thank you for being a part of our journey.