Why choose a budget oriented smart watch? 

Let’s start by asking this.  What do you want to use a smartwatch for?  Maybe a better question is, what is your expectation of a smartwatch and what it will do for you?

We’ve owned a lot of smart watches ranging from the least to the most expensive.  We’ve also asked others how they use their smart watches. What we’ve found, regardless of the smart watch, is that people use them for the same daily functions:

As a watch to see the time / day / date

To get message alerts like texts, emails, reminders, etc..

To make and receive calls when the phone is harder to get to than raising an arm

To set timers and alarms like for BBQ’ing and setting salmon to cook for 8 min a side

To track workouts like walks and bike rides

Even though people own watches with tons of features it always comes down to those listed.

So, here is the WHY. Our smart watches are fully tested and fully supported.  They offer state of the art technology plus the functionality people use on a daily basis and they are affordable, offering excellent value for the dollar. 


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